Muscle Valley started in 1997 as a developer and distributor of natural anti-aging and sports performance supplements.

In 1997 we introduced the first true GH releasing formula. The technology took the World by storm. It was so advanced that we even had to educate healthcare professionals about this never-before seen technology. Originally developed for anti-aging, the product also found overwhelming success with the bodybuilding community. The new technology changed things. It showed that naturally occuring substances formulated the right way can be almost as effective as prescription-only medicines and almost entirely without the contra-indications and side effects attributed to most drugs.

In 1998 Muscle Valley introduced Moomiyo and Rhodiola Rosea to the US. These 2 natural super adaptogens helped former USSR athletes dominate international sports competitions for over 4 decades. All the research and studies that the USSR did were classified as "state secrets" until we found out about it. We found sources for both and put them in our first formula.(Rhodiola Rosea, aka Golden Root, Arctic Root) 

In 2000 we introduced Fenutest which is derived from the fenugreek plant. Fenutest matches tribulus terrestris with its ability to increase levels of luteinizing hormone produced in the pituitary gland which is then transformed into testosterone, obviously very important for sports performance, bodybuilding and men's health.
We hope you get the picture. It's amazing what can be accomplished with natural substances. Of course, years of research has to go into it before an effective product can be offered. But, rest assured, the product will be safe and of the highest quality and the service will be just as good.